Railvoot - Email address and Phone encoding WordPress Plugin

Full site protection for your email addresses and phone numbers from spam-bots, email harvesters and other robots. No configuration needed.

No extra and complicated configuration are needed

Activate with just one click

Awesome Features & much more


Full page protection for all of your email addresses
Instant results (No confiruation needed)
Protects mailto links, plain emails and much more
Autmoatic protection technique detection (best protection technique for each email/phone/link)
Full page protection for all of your phone numbers
Protect phone number links and other custom link attributes
Protect any string or text or html
Shortcode support: [encoder], [encoder_email], [encoder_phone], [encoder_link]


The plugin works with mostly any themes and plugins.
Divi Theme is fully integrated as well
Compatible with the Maintenance plugin from WP Maintenance

Easy to Use

After activating the plugin all email addresses and phone numbers on your website will be protected.
We also offer custom shortcodes to protect email addresess, phone numbers, links or other text.

Demo Examples

Email addresses encoding
Automatically encoding
Encoding with plan email


Exclude encoding using class "skip-encoder"
Strings encoding
Encoding using shortcode

WordPress - Code is Poetry

Phone numbers encoding
Automatically encoding
Exclude encoding using class "skip-encoder"
Links encoding
Encoding using shortcode
Encoding with shortcode with plan link